What’s in your sales pipeline?

Do you need to close some big, serious deals to meet your goals for 2017?

Would focused, high-level coaching and group accountability get you there?

Business development and sales expert Lilly Ferrick is here to help.

The Sales Accountability Group led by Lilly Ferrick is a Q4 sprint to the finish line that will get you focused, develop your sales skills, help you establish a successful sales process, and get deals closed.

Imagine this…

You meet with six sales professionals or business owners every two weeks in a laser focused, high-energy online group discussion.

Lilly leads you through reviewing your pipeline.  She helps you qualify your best prospects and determine where to spend your valuable time.  She gives you clear scripts and action plans that will help you to finally get meetings.  Then she coaches you to the close.

On every call, the other members of the group provide encouragement, ask the tough questions, and keep you accountable.

This is the formula for closing the year with money in your pocket, and starting the new year with momentum.


The Sales Accountability Group includes:

Cost to participate: $797.00

Ask yourself: How much money could you make if you closed your three biggest deals?

The cost of this program is just $$266/month for 3 months, or a $797 one-time payment

Coaching Client Testimonials

“Coaching with Lilly has been transformative for my sales process.  As a creative business founder, I had very little sales experience and threw a lot of darts at the wall. Lilly has empowered me with scripts and a real, concrete sales process.  Her tools have helped me secure big meetings I couldn’t get before and pursue significantly bigger deals.”
– Sara Dunn, 11Web
“Thank you for sharing your marketing insight and sales techniques during our sales coaching sessions. I have been working a prospect since 2012. Multiple sales attempts and follow ups over the years have not produced a win. Yesterday, I received a request for proposal indicating they are ready to move forward and need to review pricing!”
– Beverly Williams, CrossComm

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