About Us

Lilly Ferrick

CEO and Founder

Having begun her career as a professional dancer, Lilly brings a competitive spirit, discipline, and energy to every client engagement. Prior to founding Lilly Ferrick, LLC, she established a decade-long record as a top sales performer within the Life Science Marketing, Sports Publishing, and Advertising industries.

Since 2011, Lilly and team have been helping their clients grow by improving their sales process, shortening their sales cycles, and helping them to secure larger, more profitable engagements. Clients include healthcare diagnostic companies, niche marketing agencies, product development, and software companies. Her growing team has developed customized processes that encourage client success, and the company has evolved to incorporate various technologies that marry individualized sales strategy and goals for each client.

The company is built on the foundation values of profit, growth, process and perseverance.
Our clients are in the Life Sciences, Healthcare, and Technology sectors.

What Clients Are Saying

Thank you for sharing your marketing insight and sales techniques during our sales coaching sessions. After applying what I am learning, I am getting affirming responses. I have been working a prospect since 2012. Multiple sales attempts and follow ups over the years have not produced a win. Yesterday, I received a request for proposal indicating they are ready to move forward and need to review pricing!

Beverly Williams


Lilly is an action-driven person who believes in getting to the point. If she can help you she will tell you yes, but if she can’t she will not hesitate to say no. She can lay down a plan and successfully implement it.

Mike Miller

Sandler Sales Trainer

Lilly is one of the most dedicated, high-energy, and empowering individuals that I know. Lilly is comfortably engaging with top-level executives and clearly communicates a no-nonsense approach to new business development. She is a solution-based advocate and achieves results. Her enthusiasm enables her to relate with peers and empower teams. She has an innate gift to think from a different perspective when confronted with a challenge. Lilly searches for a new viewpoint, with an ethical approach. She combines broad industry experience with genuine concern for her prospects. She is a natural leader and a joy to work with.”

Deanna Guyton

Specialty Pharma Rep, Shinogi

As general manager of The Chapel Hill Herald, I hired Lilly for her creative marketing skills, and she became one of my top sales representatives. Having worked with her in various capacities, I can attest to her business savvy, professionalism, creativity, and organization. She is personable with excellent follow through and strong leadership skills.

Zina Almers

Curtis Media Group

Lilly is a consummate professional with propensity for new and clever ideas and unrivaled business acumen. She is truly a tremendous gift to anyone she works with as a detailed, highly intelligent, overachiever. She has a commitment to success and creates an uncanny ability to create strong relationships that I have yet to see matched. I had the pleasure to work with Lilly years ago and still to this day consult with her and value her knowledge as she consistently helps improve my professional career.

Justin Ratike

Founder, Sisu Marketing Group

Interested in working with us?

We are looking for strong communicators who are collaborative, able to work independently, and experienced at working within a system and process.
Currently looking for a lead generation specialist: generates new business leads and sets appointments by outbound phone prospecting.

For complete job description, questions, or more information: info@lillyferrick.com