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LillyFerrick LLC offers an outsourced service for companies that need their inside sales function managed and executed.

We were born out of the idea that, managed correctly, high quality leads turn into sales. Our focus is the top tier of sales operations, because we recognize that without a strong pipeline, there are no deals to close.

Our team works with leading and growing companies companies in the life sciences, health care, and technology sectors to identify their best options for filling and managing their sales funnels.

About Lilly

Lilly Ferrick, founder and CEO, has always possessed a competitive streak. Having begun her career as a professional dancer, Lilly later applied that same discipline and energy to become a top-producing sales rep in every sales role she had from retail to senior level positions. She’s sold services into the C-Suite for global contract research and medical device companies, drug manufacturers, and nationally recognized organizations in the senior living industry.

Since 2011, Lilly and her team have leveraged their talents to help clients grow by improving their sales processes, create and capture repeatable systems, and give clients assurance that money will continue to flow into the top of the sales funnel.