Marketing Strategy

Effective marketing strategies help achieve your business goals. Executing a marketing plan with the right deliverables that support business development activities will drive your growth.


With the insight, you can master the critical skill of negotiating transactions. Successful negotiations involve incorporating value ads that benefit your client without compromising your bottom line.

Lead Generation

Generating interest to qualified prospects leads to opportunities for growth. Determining new lead sources and the channels for contact is paramount.

Higher Profit Transactions

Adopt a no-stone-unturned approach. Having a clear understanding and agreement on a transaction’s scope of work paves the way for business relationships that benefit both parties.

Closing Strategies

Lucrative closing strategies involve win-win scenarios. Defining deal-making options will equip you in closing the deal.

What We Do

We offer a fractional (part-time) sales solution with a proven process that provides results and fills your sales pipeline. Our services and sophisticated processes also provide market insight that cannot be captured through any other means.


Customized sales scripting and reporting
Database development and maintenance
Market Development (geography, demography, and/or industry segments)
Lead Generation & Qualification
Appointment Setting and Confirmation
Expert Consulting for all phases of the sales cycle


Six Reasons the Four-Step Contact Process Works

Recently we shared our “secret sauce” for getting in front of prospects, known as the Four-Step Contact Process. But what makes this process so successful? It boils down to six simple reasons. As indicated in the name, the Four-Step Contact Process is a process that...

Make Your Database Sales Ready

“You are only as good as your data.”  Nowhere is this phrase truer than in sales. Should you take the time to organize your database? Will the effort be worth it? In short: you can’t afford not to! Whether you are trying to leverage the efforts of an experienced...

Improve Your Outreach Response Rates

Low Response Rates in Sales Outreach: A Prospect Problem? It’s every salesperson’s fantasy: The CEO of Company X – with whom you have never had contact – calls to say she has heard about your product and wants to place an order immediately. It’s a nice dream, and for...

Putting the Right Team in Place to Close

Having the right team in place for your sales process can formulate your next win, or loss. Which will it be for you? Do you have the right people in the right roles to secure your next win? Is this scenario familiar?  You’ve finally landed a follow-up meeting...

Sit and Wait is not a Sales Strategy. It's an excuse.

Patience may be a virtue but adopting a wait-and-see attitude in the sales process can cost you the deal. Allowing the prospect to control your sales cadence — the series of activities and contacts that take a lead to a customer — is a surefire way to delay, or even...

Changing the Money Mindset

Does talking about money make you anxious or uncomfortable? If so, you are in good company. Whether in personal or professional settings, discussing money can make even the most confident of us distressed. What is it about money that causes such discomfort? Many...