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Six Reasons the Four-Step Contact Process Works

Recently we shared our “secret sauce” for getting in front of prospects, known as the Four-Step Contact Process. But what makes this process so successful? It boils down to six simple reasons. As indicated in the name, the Four-Step Contact Process is a process that allows you to systematize your sales efforts. Systems reveal what […]

Make Your Database Sales Ready

“You are only as good as your data.”  Nowhere is this phrase truer than in sales. Should you take the time to organize your database? Will the effort be worth it? In short: you can’t afford not to! Whether you are trying to leverage the efforts of an experienced sales rep or set a new […]

Improve Your Outreach Response Rates

Low Response Rates in Sales Outreach: A Prospect Problem? It’s every salesperson’s fantasy: The CEO of Company X – with whom you have never had contact – calls to say she has heard about your product and wants to place an order immediately. It’s a nice dream, and for a handful of companies, this scenario […]

Putting the Right Team in Place to Close

Having the right team in place for your sales process can formulate your next win, or loss. Which will it be for you? Do you have the right people in the right roles to secure your next win? Is this scenario familiar?  You’ve finally landed a follow-up meeting with that elusive prospect. Your PowerPoint presentation […]

Sit and Wait is not a Sales Strategy. It's an excuse.

Patience may be a virtue but adopting a wait-and-see attitude in the sales process can cost you the deal. Allowing the prospect to control your sales cadence — the series of activities and contacts that take a lead to a customer — is a surefire way to delay, or even prevent, the close. Those not […]

Changing the Money Mindset

Does talking about money make you anxious or uncomfortable? If so, you are in good company. Whether in personal or professional settings, discussing money can make even the most confident of us distressed. What is it about money that causes such discomfort? Many financial taboos are rooted in history and culture. In the early 1900’s […]

Email is (almost) Everything

In the world of sales, a face-to-face meeting reigns supreme as the preferred method of interaction. However, getting in front of a potential customer can be a challenge if not approached properly. While phone calls are effective, more and more people in business are opting for email over telephone conversations. The Radicati Group, which collects […]

Get Paid for Persistence

Is this scenario familiar? You’ve done your research, identified a strong prospect, and initiated contact. You’ve had a pleasant and promising conversation. Yet, though your initial interaction was positive, your follow-up email or call remains unanswered. Why has your momentum with this highly-qualified, “you-need-what-I’m-selling” prospect stalled? What does it REALLY take to get through to […]

How to Uncover Your Prospect's Budget

MONEY. What, exactly, is it that makes many people uncomfortable talking about money? After all, it’s said that “money makes the world go ‘round.” Yet even given its pervasiveness, discussing finances can be emotionally charged or seen as taboo. Social conditioning plays a large role in the reluctance to have conversations about money. In her […]

Trade Shows: More than just a fancy booth

You have a pull-up banner, logoed apparel, and snazzy promotional products. Business cards and brochures are printed, and your booth backdrop is packed and ready to be shipped to the convention center. You’re all set for the trade show, right? Not quite yet! None of these items will guarantee a successful outcome — customers! — […]