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Six Reasons the Four-Step Contact Process Works

Recently we shared our “secret sauce” for getting in front of prospects, known as the Four-Step Contact Process. But what makes this process so successful? It boils down to six simple reasons.

As indicated in the name, the Four-Step Contact Process is a process that allows you to systematize your sales efforts. Systems reveal what works and what doesn’t. Are you using the right verbiage to get through to your contact, or do you need to adjust it? Is your list marketing qualified? Do you have the right contacts? Executing a process repeatedly allows you to integrate insights and information to assess results and determine if you need to make adjustments.

Systems impose discipline. When you execute the process correctly, it delivers results. But when you don’t, the process will let you know by taking you in the wrong direction. If you made 100 calls and received no replies, it’s time to work on your list or your language. When you find what works, stick with it.

Effective sales reps practice persistence, following up repeatedly and consistently. When you have the right offering at the right time, people want to buy from those they see as diligent and hardworking. How often have you heard, “You said you’d follow up and you really did!”? Persistence differentiates those who talk from those who act.

The four-step contact process allows for prospect empowerment. Effective scripting provides a clear invitation and call to action. Your contact then has a choice to say “Yes, I want to learn more” or “No, I’m not interested.” 

Following a consistent process allows for assertion without annoyance. Messaging is brief and clear rather than being pesky or clouded with an overwhelming amount of information.

Process – Systems – Discipline – Persistence – Empowerment – Assertion

These six “ingredients” make up the winning secret sauce for your sales process!

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