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Six Reasons the Four-Step Contact Process Works

Recently we shared our “secret sauce” for getting in front of prospects, known as the Four-Step Contact Process. But what makes this process so successful? It boils down to six simple reasons. As indicated in the name, the Four-Step Contact Process is a process that allows you to systematize your sales efforts. Systems reveal what […]

Putting the Right Team in Place to Close

Having the right team in place for your sales process can formulate your next win, or loss. Which will it be for you? Do you have the right people in the right roles to secure your next win? Is this scenario familiar?  You’ve finally landed a follow-up meeting with that elusive prospect. Your PowerPoint presentation […]

Humanizing the Sales Process

Often, the process of selling is reduced to words like target, lead, prospect, and buyer. Potential customers are mapped to a pipeline; reports reflect numbers. Entry level salespeople are hyper-focused on meeting quotas and CEOs who haven’t been trained in sales swoop in for the close. While there is nothing wrong with any of the […]

Trade Shows: More than just a fancy booth

You have a pull-up banner, logoed apparel, and snazzy promotional products. Business cards and brochures are printed, and your booth backdrop is packed and ready to be shipped to the convention center. You’re all set for the trade show, right? Not quite yet! None of these items will guarantee a successful outcome — customers! — […]

Breaking Up with a Client

Happy 2018! January offers a fresh start, a time when we make resolutions to do better, to be better. It’s also an opportunity to take stock of your business by asking three “W” questions: WHAT: Are we doing the work we want to/should be doing? WHO: Are we working for the right customer? WHY: Is […]

How Much Money Is In Your Pipeline?

Do you know? Can you quantify what’s in there? Can you reasonably estimate the likelihood of close and the time it will take to get there? A client had with a tall order to nearly double revenue during a specified period of time. My question: “What’s in the pipeline?” Their answer, “I don’t know”. How […]

Can a Communal Mindset Help You Close a Sale?

I had an insightful conversation with a missionary to Haiti, where two of my children are from. She spoke of a communal mindset where people are not inclined to “get ahead” of the pack. For those that do advance, what is gained belongs to the community. This philosophy is opposite of our American concept of […]

How Yoga Improved the Sales Process

An a-ha moment from an interesting place. In yoga class the other morning, the teacher said, “Rather than criticize your body for what you can’t do, just make an observation.” That comment redirected my thinking through a frustrating work situation. Our principles and methods for lead generation, managing the sales cycle, and closing deals rely […]

Where Work Ends and Life Begins

On a note that has nothing to do with business and everything to do with living, I’m compelled to get personal sometimes. I’m an adoptive mother of two Haitian-American beauties – a role more complicated and unpredictable than selling, lead generating, or closing business. In 2009, my husband and I brought home two sisters, ages […]