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Top 3 Influencers for Motivation, Inspiration and the Pursuit of Excellence

Out of everything I’ve listened to or read in the last two weeks, these are my top three (3) picks for motivation and excellence:

David Allen, Author of Getting Things Done for helping me get and stay organized so that I can be in charge of what’s in front of me and not the other way around. Last week I did what David Allen refers to as Inbox To Zero every day, if not twice. Yes, I processed everything in my inbox down to zero so I could see clearly and make mindful, strategic work and personal decisions. It also made the weekend much more fun, knowing that I knew what all was ahead of me in the upcoming work week.

Craig Groeeschel of LifeChurch for inspiring me to lead through the fear of failure. In this sermon he elevates failure as one of our best teachers and something not to be circumnavigated if we are going to succeed.

Michael Pedone of SalesBuzz  for being the sales guru who articulates so many of my own hunches and insights as a business developer. I read his material weekly and often make tweaks to what I’m doing, refining our own process to better serve our clients.  Michael’s material is outstanding.





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