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4 Simple Steps to Describe Your Company and Your Client

There’s that time when I walk into a room and see smiles or concerning eyes attached to a face with attentive ears and I hear the many voices sending a low, escalating rumble throughout the room. This is networking. At my left and at my right, there’s a hand to shake, a smile to give, and an opportunity to seek. And then, of course, there is always a time when I’m asked, “What do you do?” I could simply say “I’m in sales.” Then, I’d leave it to your imagination that I’m the annoying cold-caller who makes you wish you didn’t answer your phone. Or, without a word, I could slip you my business card and walk away. I’d then leave you to believe that I’m awkward, unapproachable, and, most devastatingly, unwilling to collaborate.

Although those options may produce an opportunity, they won’t produce many. And, therefore, there needs to be a concrete dialogue to specifically present who you are, what you do, and who you do it for. Here’s a way to present yourself and create dialogue:

1. Describe your company clearly.
This is your “who you are” statement. Starting and ending with a one-word description isn’t as exciting or engaging as you’d imagine it to be.

For example:
The forgettable intro: “We’re a digital marketing firm that works with small businesses that want to improve their online presence.”
*What is wrong with this one? There are a zillion digital marketing firms and a zillion “small” businesses. Too many to stick in any one’s mind.

The one you’ll remember: “We are a digital marketing firm that serves private physician practices.”
*Why is this memorable? Because if the person you’re talking to knows a doctor in private practice, you’re the first person that comes to mind if they mention marketing or growing their practice to you.

2. Describe what you do.
This phase easily flows from the preceding statement. It’s more than just cold-calling. Step-by-step, what do you do? Example: We help them improve and maintain their brand online. More importantly, we make their websites bring them new patients, and serve existing ones.

3. Describe the client.
They want growth, are on the uphill of growing the practice, not on the downhill. They value the effects of digital marketing and clearly understand that long before that new patient walks in the door, they’ve all but met their health care practitioner personally.

4. Who do you do it for?
This is always a kicker. People want to know that you have a source, that there’s someone in your corner to vouch for you, that you’re reliable and, most of all, that you’re so good at what you do, there’s lasting impact for your clients, and the right referrals.

Your end result should look or sound something like this:
We’re a digital marketing firm that works exclusively with private physician practices. Our clients are aggressive in growing their practices. They are as entrepreneurial as they are educated and patient-centered. And one of the ways they serve their patients is by making it easy to find them and get what they need on the site. We are their outsourced digital marketing department.

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